The following maps indicate the general location of currently scheduled layouts for each day of the convention plus the post-convention layout tours hosted by the Central California Coast Garden Railroad Society on July 10 and 11. Below each of the markers on the maps there is a number. That number corresponds to the particular layout found in your convention book. These maps are intended to provide a means for self-drivers to plan their itinerary for each day. Detailed information for each location is not being provided online for privacy reasons but can be found in the convention book.

As is the case at all Garden Railroad Conventions, the number of open layouts is subject to change and the number of layouts that can be visited by a bus can change. The number of open layouts on a bus tour on any given day can change for a variety of reasons like the health of the hosts and unexpected utility shutdowns.

July 1
Sonoma County layouts for Saturday July 1
Marin County layouts for Sunday, July 2
Contra Costa and Diablo Valley layouts for Monday, July 3
 North and Mid-Peninsula layouts for Tuesday, July 4
San Jose and Santa Cruz layouts for Wednesday July 5 (note: there is no bus service to the Santa Cruz layouts)
Peninsula, Sunnyvale, and Mountain View layouts for Thursday, July 6
San Jose, South Santa Clara, and San Benito layouts for Friday July 7
Tri-Valley and East Bay layouts for Saturday July 8
Central California Coast GRS Post-Convention layouts for July 10 and 11.